DIY Film Distribution With a Difference


“The Riches are in the Niches”. As a DIY film distribution company, we help filmmakers, festivals, distributors and importers find and connect to niche audiences. We provide low cost easy to use, of off the shelf Word Press based web solutions and software that make it easy for anyone in the indie food chain to take advantage of and leverage the ever fracturing world of the multi-verse called the internet.

DIY Film Distribution For Indie Filmmakers

Our unique model sits in contrast to other and traditional distributors in that we do not take any proceeds from the sale of anyone’s film, or video. I can certainly understand the justification and the need for a distributor to get compensated and we’re no different in that respect; we want to get compensated too.

The difference is in our philosophy. One primary differences is that we never ask a filmmaker to give us a percentage. Our model is a flat fee model. You can sell 10, 100, or 1000 copies and your (very modest) fee you pay to use remains the same. You do the work, you keep the cash.

The other difference is that we’ll never ask for an exclusive and we actually encourage filmmakers to become truly independent by using the tools we provide and their own initiative to get their films in as many possible venues as they can. DIY Film Distribution in the internet age is not about aggregation, it’s about penetrating the internet in as many different places as possible.

DIY Film Distribution For Film Festivals

Film Festivals are a cornerstone of the entire indie film food chain. Unfortunately the model has changed little over the years, even though it has been trendy for your town, city or village to have one. Festival operators work like the dickens to get films and funding so they can put on a good show for the folks. Frequently with little reward or profit except for the ‘feel good’ they get.

Likewise filmmakers work like the dickens producing and submitting their film, knowing full well that  the number of awards are limited and that they may only come away with a coffee mug, or T-shirt. Our philosophy is that festival operators should have more fun and that more filmmakers should be rewarded. This is the basis for our Film Festival Website channel.

DIY Film Distribution can and should start with the festival. There’s more joy for all. More ways to reward filmmakers and more ways to reward festival sponsors. Achieving both of these is the purpose and objective of our Film Festival Micro-Channel platform.

DIY Film Distribution for Indie Film Distributors

DIY Film Distribution for entrepreneurs and film distribution companies is something we encourage. Consider the distributor specializing in foreign films.  We’ve witnessed many of these companies and spoke to a few as well.  Globe trotting romancing filmmakers and festivals these companies live and die on their ability to acquire the rights to quality films and reward filmmakers.

Developing a niche distribution capability that goes beyond DVD’s to include Pay Per View  that encourages vial adoption is what the internet is all about. We encourage distributors to take advantage of the nature of the internet; to go with the flow as it were. The Filmmakers Channel Pay-Per-View Micro-Channel with Adopt a Film capability is sharply positioned to help indie film distributors do exactly that.

If you’re a distributor embrace the fact that the internet is an ever evolving land of the niche and consider taking a close look at The Filmmakers Channel Pay-Per-View Micro-Channel with Adopt a Film capability. It is positioned to help indie film distributors do exactly that.

DIY Film Distribution Services

DIY Film Distribution Powered by Word Press

All of our solutions are powered by Word Press.  Word Press is rapidly becoming one of the most widely adopted platforms on the internet. This is especially true (or should be) for the independent filmmaker, film festival, teacher, trainer or entrepreneur. We’ve talked to many within the indie film food chain and with exceptions, most don’t have the time, or especially money to have a custom coded site designed and  developed.

With Word Press anyone in film and video food chain can have an SEO friendly site they can use to promote their career or business without ever having to call their web developer to make changes.  Word Press free’s you from the frustrations of technology so you can focus on content and visibility. One of the most powerful features of Word Press is the ability to add capability through the use of what are called plug-ins.

Word Press Hosting for Indie DIY Film Distribution

Film and Web hosting in one place for one price. Word Press gives us the ability to simplify the filmmakers life. If you decide to host your film on our channel, you are entitled to a website too. Or, if you don’t have a Word Press site, want one, have a film that you are getting ready to release, then with your website you get film hosting on our channel and both use the “Adopt a Film” software system.

All of the Word Press themes support, free or premium themes are DIY film distribution friendly with Adopt A Film Software and a full set of training videos. Making Film and Web hosting available in one place for one price will simplify your internet life allowing you to focus more on getting your film sold.

DIY Film Distribution Software

DIY Film Distribution Software System – Adopt a Film Word Press Plug In

Other industries and markets have their own software to help them, why shouldn’t DIY film distribution have software to help them? This is why we we developed the “Adopt A Film” software and system for DIY filmmakers. The entire Adopt-A-Film concept was something we conceived us years ago. Now with Word Press we’ve turned it into a plug in any filmmaker running Word Press can take advantage of to help them build their own distribution network. If you don’t have a site Word Press should be top of your short list. Especially if you’re working on a budget and the “Adotp A Film” software system is included as part of any website we do.

DIY Distribution Partners

Automated Order Fulfillment With Pay Per View Video and Automated DVD Order Fulfillment

Because time is money, the less amount of time anyone has to wait for their order the better and the less amount of time it takes you to fulfill order requests the better for you. The Filmmakers Channel believes that two audiences should have their pick between the convenience and immediacy of Pay Per View with the option of purchasing a DVD for their personal library. Lets face it Pay Per View streaming video is rapidly replacing DVDs, but not just yet and by offering both we straddle both worlds while purchasers with convenience and (try before you buy) safety. Maxcast is our Pay Per View partner and Kunaki is our DVD partner. Both allow you hands off automated distribution and you won’t be paying anyone 40% of sales or a ridiculous $4.95 duplication fee.

A Whole New World of DIY Film Distribution

The fact is, there is a revolution going on in DIY film distribution. The traditional system of content distribution is disintegrating and re-ordering itself on a daily basis. The powers that be — for now — are clinging to the last vestiges of it. They’re pouring millions into fancy websites and acquiring rights to big movies and trying to ram them down the throat of consumers. In the meantime, the big boys cast aside independent filmmakers. Why? Because they can. No longer. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Many of these (movie) executives seem unaware of the larger structural changes threatening their world. They recognize that video-on-demand and digital downloads will become more significant revenue streams but seem confident that they can incorporate them into their traditional distribution model. These executives do not understand the fundamental importance of the internet or its disruptive power. By enabling filmmakers in the New World to reach audiences directly and dramatically reducing their distribution costs, it empowers them to keep control of their “content.’  Peter Broderick, former president of Next Wave Films

Yeah, but I’m different, you say. I’m going to premiere my brilliant film at Sundance in front of an adoring audience, then be wined and dined by acquisitions types fighting over the rights to my movie. Right?

“There are 4,000 to 5,000 true indie feature films made each year, in the English language, without a distribution plan. Most won’t get looked at. Because distributors have used film festivals as a screening device, the filmmakers typically enter the rat race of film festivals. But what’s happening with film festivals? Take a look at Sundance. 3,624 films were entered — 1,573 documentaries and 2,051 narrative features. Sundance accepted 121 films. Of those, 4 sold domestic rights for more than $1 million. Peter Dekom, entertainment attorney, on Spirit of Film Radio

But that’s no reason to be discouraged. In fact, it’s reason to celebrate. You, the filmmaker, can now take control of the distribution process.

“The future of independent film is not in content aggregation, which is quickly becoming commoditized, but in audience aggregation. Filmmakers need to find ways to create an ongoing conversation with potential viewers…one that will start early in the process and continue long after the film is finished.” Filmmaker Magazine

The time is now. The DIY film distribution revolution is here. You can bury your head in an editing suite and come back out when it’s all over. But you’re going to be left behind.

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