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The Filmmakers Channel, Indie Film Distribution Solutions for Filmmakers, Film Festivals and Film DistributorsThe Filmmakers Channel  Distribution Solution for Film Festivals – The efforts of the independent filmmaker are the fuel of the film festival circuit. Filmmakers submit their films to festivals with the hope that their talents will be recognized, rewarded and their careers advanced. The sad reality,  is that only a tiny percentage are picked up for meaningful distribution — while those remaining scramble to find ways to get their movies seen and recoup their investment. But just getting a movie into a film festival can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition for the filmmaker.

At the same time, festivals are trying to find the best films and showcase them to the public. But that task, too, comes with a considerable expenditure of time and resources. The simple process of judging hundreds or even thousands of entries each year puts a huge stress on any festival organization. And at the end of the day, despite their most diligent efforts, festival organizers know that some gems probably slipped through the cracks, leaving some filmmakers disappointed.

But because of a convergence of trends and technology, there is now a way to both make the film selection process easier, and present a distribution option for filmmakers, making money for themselves and support the festival.

The Solution For Film Festivals

For Film Festivals, The Filmmakers Channel offers a streamlined, low-cost solution from submissions, judging to post-festival distribution that reduces your cost and work, rewards more filmmakers and your sponsors so you get more film, more funding and have more fun.  Here is a brief outline of “The Filmmakers Channel Festival Solution.”

Film Festival Submissions and Judging, No More DVDS, No More Postage, No More Storage, No More Disposal

With the aid of low cost cloud storage and streaming film festivals can now accept entries on line.  That means, no more piles of DVDs to collect, sort, catalog, distribute to judges, collect again and finally dispose of. Here’s how it works.

  • Through the our Film Festival Solution filmmakers register for a website account, describe their film, upload their movies and send to you for review when done.
  • You review their submission and then build a player from their uploaded file.
  • With your approval email alerts are automatically sent to all  judges who can watch submissions no matter of location. This automatically widens the pool of judges who can view the movies anywhere in the world and decreases the chances of a good movie slipping under the radar.

More About Judging

Finding judges to screen film festival entries can be a tough job.

  1. First, you have to recruit dependable and knowledgeable judges.
  2. You have to get the movies in front of them for viewing.
  3. You have to hope they have the stamina and passion to watch anywhere from 50 to 100 films.

By its nature, this process requires that judges live or work near the festival site, otherwise, you incur the cost of Fed-Exing DVDs around the country, not a cost most film festivals want to take on.

Most film festivals will do their best to be fair to the filmmakers. Many try to have more than one judge view each film. It’s a noble idea. But the dirty little secret is that sometimes, films will be viewed only once, because, for example, they came in on deadline and there’s simply not enough time to get them in front of three judges. And if it happens that judge doesn’t particularly care for zombie movies, for example, and that’s what the filmmaker has labored over, then they’re screwed. Then there’s the cost to the filmmaker of burning, packaging and mailing his or her entry off.

Figure in the cost of staff time logging, handling and distributing the movies to be judged, not to mention the cost of judges driving back and forth to the office — at $4 a gallon for gas — to pick up DVDs and tapes, and it begins to be quite expensive.

Then once the movies are viewed, the large majority of the media ends up in a landfill, part of the tons and tons of e-waste discarded annually. That’s a fine way to treat the environment.  There is a better, and cheaper, and “greener” way to handle the process, however. That’s with The Filmmakers Channel, film festival website.

With this system, filmmakers can upload their entries to your channel for viewing by judges anywhere in the world who have a laptop and an internet connection.

There are several advantages to this:

  1. The mailing process is eliminated, you time and money.
  2. The distribution process for judges is streamlined.
  3. Festivals can increase the number of judges available to screen movies, because they can recruit from anywhere in the world
  4. Filmmakers can be assured they’re getting a fair shake from the festival, and be confident their movies are being seen in a streaming video format, that deters piracy.
  5. E-waste is eliminated.

Post-Festival Distribution

As film festivals are aware, it is only a fortunate handful of films that get major distribution following screenings. But we know that for every one selected, there are dozens of worthy films, which for whatever reason, may never get a theatrical or TV release, or even go straight to DVD.

Film festivals can provide extra value for filmmakers, and gain a competitive edge, by offering a platform for online, pay-per-view distribution of films after the event.  Making the films available for viewing after the festival helps the filmmakers make money and continues the buzz about the festival long after the event is over.

This can be a salve for filmmakers who didn’t get picked up for distribution.

Increased Revenue for Film Festivals

With The Filmmakers Channel Festival Channel solution,  film festivals don’t have to end after the screenings. It can live all year long if you so choose making films available to the global community of indie film fans, earning revenue for filmmakers and providing another venue for getting your sponsors more visibility and generating more cash to you and you have continual momentum going into next year.

When filmmakers get more you get  more films. When sponsors get more, you get more sponsors. When you get more films and sponsors you get more.  This is exactly the objective of The Filmmakers Channel Film Festival Solution.  It’s a simple equation.

Film Festival Websites – More Then Just a Website

It’s really more then just a website. We never ever just build sites and then send you on your way. You actually have the option of becoming part of “The Filmmakers Channel” distribution network. Not in any official manner but your relationship with us means that that you get double the exposure without any any incremental cost increase. Let me explain what I mean.

Once we finish building your indie film distribution website for you, you’ll have the power to almost instantly replicate your content and make it available from both of our sites. This will increase the number of views your films get which automatically increases potential number of purchases. This of course results in more money in your pocket and your filmmakers.

We have two different websites targeting two different internet populations. Both of which we run advertising for. So when we do your distribution channel you get more then just one website you get 2 additional  websites (and maybe more) and the advertising that goes along with each.  This is partnership in the spirit of a common purpose.

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