Indie Film Distribution Software for DIY Filmmakers

“Adopt A Film” Indie Film Distribution Software Helps Filmmakers Sell More Films and Video

Elegant in simplicity, powerful in capability, The Filmmakers Channel, Adopt A Film System is designed to help independent filmmakers and the video entrepreneurs sell more on on line Pay Per View videos and DVDs by providing a simple and easy way for other website owners to to embed all the details of your film on their website.

Adopt A Film is a proprietary software system designed by The Filmmakers Channel for Word Press that can help you get wider distribution without spending more of your valuable time or money by providing an easy way for others to embed the details of your film or video on their website with the single click of a button, offer your film to their audience with the net result being you get paid directly.

Why would they want to do this you ask?

Every website owner in the world needs unique and valuable content. In fact many say that content is king because high quality content attracts and keep visitors which all in all means greater visitor loyalty, a better visitor relationship and ultimately a greater chance that something will be sold. Basically, website owners will want to adopt your film for the same reason that they would go to YouTube and click on the embed button; it compliments their existing content and caters to their audience.

The difference is that when the Adopt A Film software is used in conjunction with Pay Per View video it becomes possible for you to offer a commission to your adopters and that can be quite an incentive for someone to want to adopt your media.

Adopt A Film, How It Works

The short video below will illustrate how Adopt A Film easily allows for anyone to grab the code and text associated with your film and place the same on their website and how when you use your Rip and Load Service which points to your PayPal account, will result in you getting paid directly each time someone buys your movie PPV, or DVD.

Adopt a Film System Full Specifications, What You Need What You Get

What You Need to Use Adopt A Film Software System

  • A Word Press website running version 3.0 + (not on Word Press.Com)
  • Knowledge for how to install Word Press plug ins is helpful but not required (we’ll show you how)

What You Get With the Adopt A Film Software System

  • Consists of 3 Different Word Press Plug Ins and a Sales Page
    • Video embedding software to easily embed your trailer
    • DIY Plug In to format your film, or video information
    • Adopt a Film Plug In so people can have all you film information sent to them by email with a single click.
    • An Adopt A Film sales page you can put on your site that explains the benefits to people coming to your site.
  • Compatible with any auto responder that supports direct subscription.
  • Send out email notifications to an  address of your choice when someone adopts.
  • A full video documentation set comprised of step by step by videos that include –
    • How to install, configure and use all 3 plug ins on your site.
    • How to integrate your email management system so adopters are added to your email list.
    • How to sign up, configure and use Pay Per View streaming for your film, or video.
    • How to create a traceable Pay Per View version of your film or video so you can track sales generated by the people who adopt your film, or video.

Get The Adopt a Film Software System For Only $30.00 Stand Alone With Free Rip and Load for Free

If you have a Word Press website already you can get the Adopt A Film Software System and install it for use on any number of websites that you own. You will also receive a full set of video  instructions for how to configure and use the system including how to get a 30 day Pay Per View streaming video account using our 3rd party Pay Per View provider and how to set up  your DVD for automated DVD order fulfillment.

Many other industries have created their own software and so why shouldn’t filmmakers have software that help them be better at DIY indie film distribution?

  1. The Adopt-A-Film Software System will make the job of working with a website easier and
  2. Help you take advantage of the move towards on line Pay Per View streaming by securely making your film available to the multi-verse of website owners with subject matter that matches your film.
  3. Helps you build an audience that you can tap into when you make and release your next film.

If you’re doing “DIY” distribution and you want to get the largest audience and make the most amount of money for the least amount of effort and cost then you will need all the help you can get. The Adopt A Film System is a simple, easy and very inexpensive way for you to build a distribution army of your own who are hungry for unique content they can put on their website as a way to build traffic and visitor loyalty.