Filmmaker Websites Optimized for DIY Film Distribution

Filmmaker websites by The Filmmakers Channel gets your a DIY optimized site and your film hosted all for one price and if you don’t have film now you’ll have a place for it call home when you don. Website and film hosting. One place and one price.

DIY Optimized Websites For Filmmakers

Filmmaker websitesYou can always go to GoDaddy, or Network solutions but what do they care about film.  The Filmmakers Channel offers DIY optimized websites for filmmakers based on standard Word Press technology. You have hardly any technical setup to do. We just about all of it for you. We provide training videos so even if you know nothing about Word Press, we walk you through it step by step.

DIY Optimized Websites – $9.95

What’s better then having 1 person helping you? Two, three or more! That’s what our DIY Optimized websites can help you achieve. The secret to all success is leverage. You can’t do it all yourself and when you host your site with us you get total access to our Adopt A Film Software and System to help you develop a distribution network of your own. No one else on the internet has anything like this. You get software, training and documentation. In addition you get an unlimited number of films hosted on our two sites (and growing network) as part of your monthly hosting.

Free Migration Services

Filmmaker websitesMigrate you existing Word Press site to The Filmmakers Channel. I mean what do Go Daddy, or Network Solutions know about making films,  or about DIY Film distribution, they won’t provide you free hosting for your film and you’re pretty much on your own. Not to mention the fact that your site won’t be DIY optimized with special software like The Filmmakers Channel “Adopt A Film” software.

When you sign up for our Filmmakers Website Premium package you get access to free training videos that will help you move all your content over or you can call us and we’ll do it for you.

Filmmakers Channel Filmmaker Websites – Get One