Online Pay Per View Distribution! The Time is Now

The Better Faster Cheaper, Instant Gratification Factor

Online Pay Per View by The Filmmakers ChannelThe time for Online Pay Per View distribution is now. Not tomorrow or the next day. The DVD is fading away like the 8 track tape, the phonograph did and VD will continue to fall out of favor as the ‘better, faster and cheaper’ drum of beats louder.  DVD’s just don’t stand up to the demands of the ‘have to have it now’ world we live in that consumes and disposes of information faster then a New York Minute.

Online Pay Per View  DIY Distribution Factors – Things To  Consider

  • Nothing to Ship! DVD’s get damaged, don’t last, are more expensive then Pay Per View and end up in the land fill. With Pay Per View nothing gets shipped, disposed of, it’s immediate and less expensive.
  • Copyright Protection! Ever wonder how many full length films got up on Google Video, or elsewhere? Remember the Academy Awards Spiderman III fiasco a few years back where pirated copies hit the street before the awards ceremony? DVDs enable piracy and online Pay Per View does not.
  • Green Filmmaking: With no plastic DVDs to burn, or ship, online Pay Per View distribution is a greener process. There’s no plastic to end up in the waste dumps, jet fuel, or gasoline used in the delivery process.
  • Portability! Pay Per View is a digital product bought and delivered via the internet using a hyper link. This means savvy, go get-em filmmakers can create their own distribution network. It’s portable distribution.

Online Pay Per View is Portable

Pay Per View only requires a hyper link (not a DVD rack) it is infinitely scaleable across the internet. DIY filmmakers can use online Pay Per View to build their own distribution network using the The Filmmakers Channel Adopt-A-Film software system,

Two Ways To Get Started!

Rip and Load Have Us Set It Up For You

We’ll rip your DVD into MP4 format, upload it for Pay Per View with a no obligation 30 day free trial and upload it for no charge automated DVD fulfillment.

Enter Your Information in The Form To The Right, Save the $20 and Do It All Yourself

Enter your name and email address in the box to the right and we’ll send you a complete set of instructions for getting started with Pay Per Video on your own. If you want us to do it for you  we can do that to We’ll send you instructions for both processes.