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Dan Latrimurt and Tony Dellaflora; two not so young, not so old men, turned Indie Film Distributors. One an ex-journalist turned filmmaker, film festival co-founder  and one a corporate refugee free’d from corporate slavery. Each with a passion for film, stirring up the pot and a shared vision for film and video distribution and a strong commitment to help DIY filmmakers, film festivals, teachers, trainers and experts get greater exposure and recognition for their media and sell more.

A Two Man Team of Indie Film Distributors

Dan Latrimurti, Corporate Refugee

Indie Film Distributors Team  Member Dan

I never started life with the objective of being part of a two man team of Indie Film Distributors, but after A 30+ year stint in corporate America here I am.

30 + years in corporate America is enough for anyone. I am not complaining, just reflecting. Corporate servitude kept the lights on, food on the table, sent me oversees to places like South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany and all over the United States. It also kept the ex wifes monthly child support flowing without interruption for 10+ years.

During that time I became quite an expert at politely tell your Korean host on a Monday night that you’re not going to go out with him drinking Soju as well as how to politely avoid a public fight with a Taiwanese national who has taken issue with my cowboy boots. Oh the stories to tell and in between them all I learned a lot about semiconductor manufacturing and helping companies get more bang for the buck out of their manufacturing process.

It was a good paying gig for sure. Six figures to be precise. Towards the end, I rarely had to go to the office and either worked from home or did the lone wolf travel routine; airports, rental cars, hotels and eating out every night. It’s a hard life.  I eventually came to dislike my job and no matter how much they pay you there’s no escaping that dirty whoreish feeling you get when you abhor what you’re doing. I’m actually amazed I made it 30 years.

It was in 2007 I ran into Anthony DellaFlora and discovered the world of the independent filmmaker. I had just started exploring the on line video and particularly the use of video in marketing and Pay Per View as an alternative to DVDs. In the process of becoming acquainted with Tony we took one of his films called “High Strange New Mexico” and made it available using Pay Per View video. To our surprise after a press release within 2 weeks Tony received a distribution offer from UFO TV.

Spurred on by this success we quickly went to work on The Filmmakers Channel but as I describe and in my post about “Just About  There” I chronicle the foolish folly of doing your own software development and things got delayed and the air got quickly let out of our balloon. In the interim as we regrouped I fell in love with Word Press and realized the value of content management systems and went to work sharpening my internet marketing and business skills with with PPC guru Perry Marshall (whom I still follow today), Micro-Continuity evangelist Russel Brunson, copy writing holy man John Carlton and entrepreneurial coach of the guru’s Rich Schefren.

The result of all this is a reemergence of “The Filmmakers Channel” where filmmakers, film festival owners, film schools, teachers, trainers and the modern video entrepreneur can find help in many different forms.

As one part of a team of two indie film distributors I find great joy and pleasure helping all the hardworking filmmakers with unique stores to tell have more fun and make more money.

Anthony Dellaflora Former Journalist, Filmmaker, Co-Founder Duke City Shootout Film Festival

TonyImageLike many of you, I sort of stumbled into my career as a filmmaker. As a professional writer, I always liked to tell stories and back in 1995, I found a story that just had to be told — as a documentary.

Working with a filmmaker friend, we managed to cobble together “High Strange New Mexico” over the course of a couple of years of filming and editing. This story about the UFO subculture in my home state hit the film festival circuit, with some success. The urge to make movies became stronger, and when I could take time from my day job as a journalist, my partner and I worked on several other doc projects.

Then in 2000, I helped launch Flicks on 66, the world’s first script-to-screen competition for short films. I became an executive producer of what is now known as the Duke City Shootout, helping writers and filmmakers learn the art and craft of shooting narrative films. We shot, edited and premiered the films, in a week. I got to see the passion we unleashed in others as we helped them get their stories onto the screen, with the help of digital technology.

Finally, in 2003, the desire to devote my time to telling stories in a new medium got the best of me, and I retired from journalism after 25 years.

I’ve learned over the years that “independent filmmaker” is just a term for a jack of all trades. Not only do you have to know how to make movies, you have to also know something about getting them in front of other people, in other words, marketing, distribution and sales. It’s hard work, even if you do it as a hobby.

When Dan Latrimurti offered to relieve me of the tedium of selling DVDs from my home office and spending countless hours in line at the post office mailing them, I gave it a chance. Dan posted “High Strange” online, using Pay Per View, and sent out a few press releases online about the 10th anniversary release. Two weeks later, we had a nibble from UFO-TV in California. “High Strange” had found a home, and I now have international distribution for the film.

From that experience came the idea for The Filmmakers Channel. I knew that there were thousands of filmmakers out there, looking for the same thing I was — getting their movie in front of lots of people, recouping some of their costs, and maybe landing that coveted distribution deal. Well, it can happen. I’m proof.

Connecting Content Creators to Audiences

As a team of Indie Film Distributors we’ve developed a unique distribution philosophy with a set of indie film distribution solutions and tools tools designed to help extend the distribution of indie films throughout the indie film food chain and the internet multi-verse.